Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Local Trip with Global Impact: Construction Students Visit Georgia Pacific in Gladys, VA

BSTC students are always out and about, and our construction program is no exception.  Recently, instructor and Class A General Contractor Mr. Sam Morgan coordinated a visit for his Building Construction I and II students to the Georgia Pacific facilities in Gladys, Virginia.  On the visit, students were able to see the manufacturing of oriented strand board (OSB), a staple of the construction industry.  OSB is a product that is used in almost any modern construction, residential or commercial, for load-bearing purposes.  Learning why the material was engineered as it was and how the material was produced was an important goal for students.

Offering perspective on the trip, Daniel Metzger, BSTC '17 LHS '17, observed, "Simple things can be created in the most complex manner."  In short, these budding building contractors grew in their understanding of manufacturing and in the importance of using appropriate, quality materials in construction.

The trip also had the added benefit of enhancing appreciation for the local economy.  Comments Mr. Morgan, "Georgia Pacific is a local company with a world-wide impact.  If not for the building trade, this product, plant, and employees--nor their revenue--would not be in Central Virginia.  All of my students now recognize the #451 painted on these OSB products and know where the originate!"