Thursday, August 27, 2015

Learning to Lead: JROTC at BSTC

BSTC is honored to house a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) led by retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Paul J. Becker and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Gregory L. Jenkins.

Truly designed to prepare students to be more involved, productive citizens, JROTC is a multifaceted program.  Upon arriving at BSTC, new administrator Mrs. Kim Halterman noticed the leadership skills core to the JROTC program.  "Students learn leadership skills like motivating others, decision making, planning, effective speaking and writing, teamwork, and problem solving," adds Lieutenant Colonel Becker.  Students engage in a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities including service projects and physical conditioning.  BSTC's program is accelerated, meaning that four years of JROTC curriculum is accessed across a typical two-year program enrollment.  At BSTC, JROTC cadets become part of the "Wolfpack."

Certainly, JROTC provides students with knowledge of careers in the military across the branches of service.  While students who elect to join the military who have completed JROTC are eligible for promotions upon enlistment, participating students have no later obligation to serve in the armed forces.  We encourage Bedford County students interested in JROTC programming to contact their school counselors and/or BSTC, 540.586.3933, about enrollment opportunities.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome Aboard!: Welcome to BSTC's Newest Faculty Member, Building Construction Instructor Sam Morgan!

Where’s the next generation? This question was asked by one of Mr. Sam Morgan's business colleagues not long ago. There didn’t seem to be any young carpenters on a large construction site the two were visiting. At the time of the question, Mr. Morgan had no answer. Now he does--those new carpenters will be coming from the BSTC Building Construction program!

Mr. Morgan begins his work at BSTC as an instructor in Building Construction I and II this fall.  He's an enthusiastic teacher eager to mentor young people and help them understand the realities of the workforce.  A Class A Building Contractor with 30 years of job experience, Mr. Morgan understands what it is to work for others, to supervise others, and to be self-employed.  He brings both practical business know-how and carpentry/construction skills to his students at BSTC.  "To share my knowledge and skill with young people that are interested in learning this great trade is an honor," shares Mr. Morgan.  Outside of school, Mr. Morgan enjoys motorcycles and church activities.

For examples of Mr. Morgan's work on large projects, see the photos of lovely local homes above.  We are excited to welcome Mr. Morgan and his experience to BSTC this year!